Why Should I Choose a Tile Roof for My Home?


Choosing a roofing material to reroof your home or for new construction can be a tough job. There are plenty of choices available, including composite and concrete shingle, wood shingle, wood shake or even metal roofing. However it is incredibly important to investigate tile roofing as a suitor for your home. Tile roofing offers some outstanding benefits that just canít be matched by other types of roofing.


Contrary to popular belief tile roofing is quite affordable. While it may not be the cheapest material on the roofing spectrum tile roofing is still much more affordable in comparison to other materials, given its durability and longevity, which brings us to the next point.

Long Lasting Roofing Material

More than likely the tile roofing you install on your home will last as long as you live there, plus much longer. Many roofing companies offer warranties of up to 75 years! Talk about great coverage for your roof!

Variety of Styles & Colors

There are literally hundreds of styles of tile roofing available. There are numerous colors, sizes and shapes of tiles to ensure that your roof looks exactly as you want it to while still performing outstandingly!

Low Maintenance

Tile roofing does not require much maintenance following an installation. The maintenance that it may need can likely be conducted by the roofing company that installed it, making your roof virtually care free.

Energy Efficient

Tile roofing helps trap the air inside. This means when you use the heaters it will stay warm inside, when you turn on the AC, it will stay cool. This will help you lower your monthly energy bills as well.

Tile roofing is a smart investment for any homeowner. To learn more about tile roofing in Centerville and throughout Utah and southern Idaho get in touch with the team at ProTech Roofing. Our expert crew will help you select the perfect tile for your homeís roof and we will expertly install it. Contact us today at (801) 691-7720 to request a free estimate for tile roof installation in Utah!

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ